No, Gmail Is Not Going Away: The Recent Google Email Hoax Explained

Gmail Is Not Going Away

Gmail Is Not Going Away : Social media platforms went in overdrive mode just a day ago with rumors that Google is taking Gmail for a ride into the sunset. Or is otherwise being sent to the proverbial “Google Graveyard.” On X, formerly Twitter, a ton of posts showing a picture of an alleged Google notice about sunsetting Gmail went viral.

A not-insignificant bunch of Gmail and Workspace users got legitimately concerned, and for good reasons. Well, it was a hoax, and has no truth to it regarding the August 2024 demise of Gmail.

“Gmail is here to stay,” the company clarified. Gmail is one of the most popular email clients in the world, and sits only behind Apple’s own mail service that ships across its product ecosystem. In 2024, though, Gmail is not merely an email service, but has become an integrated hub of other productivity-centric tools such as Meet, Calendar, Keep notes, and Contacts, among others.

In fact, there’s a whole Google Workspace Marketplace that brings third-party tools straight into the Gmail web client sidebar. As such, the stakes for Gmail are lot higher than just an average email client. With that status quo, it was only natural to see a lot of social media citizens go into a frenzy over the apparent of demise of Google’s bread and butter email client.

The rumors of Google killing Gmail are far too believable: Here’s why

Not too long ago, Google used to offer two email apps — Gmail and Inbox. The latter breathed its last breath in 2019, and was interred into Google’s own digital necropolis. Inbox took with it Gmail Offline to the product cemetery the same year. Inbox had its own share of faults and lagged behind in getting updates, but it also had some features that its legion of fans appreciated. With a rather distressing email history under its belt, that is also no secret in the Google ecosystem, the chatter about Gmail’s death hit a bit too close to home.

However, the “Google Graveyard” is no stranger to well-loved products, some of which persisted for years with high ambitions, while others lived in obscurity or only enjoyed a short spell. In 2023, Google shuttered its domain name registry service and the promising Pixel Pass service — which would have allowed users to get a new phone every two years — and the Jaquard project for integrating tech with lifestyle products, among others. One of the biggest casualties was Stadia, the game streaming service that was put on ice after a few years of dedicated development.

Next year, Google Podcasts, one of many favorite places to listen to audio shows, will also meet an untimely end, following in the footsteps of Google Play Music. However, Gmail continues to live another day, and likely isn’t going away any time soon.

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